Mj Labs products


MJ Labs is one of the few manufacturers in South Africa that manufacture fortification premixes and health supplements in power form.

Hard Gelatine Capsules

- Bovine Gelatine
- Vege Capsules
- Size 1 - 000
- Different colours to choose from

Liquids & Drops

Looking to bottle any liquid supplement?We have the right container, weather it's glass or plastic, with an attachment to dispense products with ease.

Blister Packs

Both capsules and tablets can be packed into blister packs before they are boxed with ease.


- Film coated tablets
- Uncoated tablets
- Different colours to choose from for film coating

Effervescent Tablets

Effervescent tablets hit the market with a big fizz! Effervescent tablets are produced, tubed (10's or 12's) and boxed to perfection. Dehumidifiers form part of the quality system.


When it comes to convenience on the run, sachets are the way to go. MJ Labs has two stick-fill sachet manufacturing machines.

Banded Packs

If you are looking to sell a combo pack of your products, why don't you just ask MJ Labs? We can manufacture your products and create the banded packs the way that you prefer them.

Product Capabilities


  • Tablets = MOQ 30 000 Per Batch
  • Sachets = MOQ 20 000 Per Batch
  • Liquid = MOQ 100 Litres Per Batch


  • Capsules = MOQ 30 000 Per Batch
  • Fortification Powders  = MOQ 100 kg Per Batch
  • Creams  = MOQ 100kg Per Batch
  • Other Powders = MOQ 50 kg Per Batch